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Aarushi Bhandari '13

Aarushi180Double Major- English & Sociology
Concentration- Creative Writing

Internship Experience
My summer internship was in the Literary Submissions Department at Hachette/Little Brown & Company located in New York City where I worked as an Editorial Intern.

Internship Benefits
I always thought I wanted to work in publishing but I wasn't sure about the dynamics of the industry or where and what to start researching. From an outside perspective it seemed as though the business was becoming very commercial. My internship gave me insight into what career options are available to me. It also provided me with an understanding about the internal workings of the industry. I know firsthand that good quality work does not go unnoticed.

Finding the Internship
I found my internship on (CCD has on resource page) which is an industry specific resource. Websites such as Bookjobs are created for anyone with an interest in publishing, from potential interns to big time publishers. These resources provide current information about what is going on in the industry. If you want to get into publishing - and I am sure that this stands true for any industry, you need to know what is going on in that world. When you use industry specific resources, you get news about industry trends and happenings, which can be particularly helpful during the interview process- I know is was in mine.

Application Process
I have been doing research since my freshman year because I knew I wanted a publishing internship and I wanted to be ready. I applied to a couple of internships last summer but did not get any. At that point I realized that in order to get the publishing internship I wanted I would need experience. During the 2011-2012 semesters I applied for and got an editorial internship at Inkwell Magazine and an internship in the Manhattanville Office of Communications. This gave me the experience I needed in order to get my internship at Hachette.

The Job
I read 22 different manuscripts this summer- I had to read a lot very fast! After each manuscript I wrote a report. I also summarized book chapters for some of the Hachette editors; one in particular was for an upcoming James Patterson novel.

Favorite Experience
I had the opportunity to write and design questions for a book club reading group guide for an upcoming book, which was a great experience!

Every student should intern at some point. Industry specific internships in particular are awesome because you can learn so much about your field of interest and you are surrounded by like minded people. While I was interning for Hachette I felt like I was exactly where I should be!