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Enrique Lopez '12

 Enrique Lopez

Major: Political Science  Concentration: Legal Studies
Minor: Islamic Studies

Future Plans
To graduate law school and become a member of the United States Senate

Internship Experience
Enrique interned in the spring of 2012 for the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) located in New York City. His primary responsibility was to extend CFR's resources to different groups throughout the country. He has also interned for Congressman Charlie Rangle, the Middle East Committee at the WESPAC Foundation (a social justice organization based in White Plains) and he worked on Governor Dan Malloy's campaign.

Club Memberships
Enrique's club memberships include the Pre-Law Society (President), Neighbors Link, Muslim Student Association, Chorus School Musical and the Lion's Club

What is the most valuable or practical thing you learned while interning?At the Council on Foreign Relations, I not only learned to follow world events with a critical eye, but I also improved my written and verbal communication skills. I proofread my written work carefully, and I have learned to never shy away from asking for feedback or for more work when assignments are completed.

What made you decide to become involved in so many campus clubs & activities & what was the first club you joined?
Because I was a commuter during my four years at Manhattanville, I never wanted to feel disengaged from the campus community and participating in clubs was a way for me to stay connected. I joined the Pre-Law Honor Society during the first week of classes as a freshman and served as the club's president as a senior. With the encouragement of the Duchesne Center, I started a new Global Citizenship program, Café Conversations, where students and faculty could get together and practice a foreign language in a more casual setting. I was also involved with the Muslim Students Association (MSA) on campus, where I was always in the company of really great friends.

I had the opportunity to participate in musical theater as well, something that I had never done before. I was a chorus member for Prof. Matthew Pauley's student-faculty productions of two Gilbert & Sullivan operettas: Trial by Jury (2010) and The Mikado (2012).

What was the most memorable moment at your internship?
CFR gave me excellent exposure to the work of diplomats and foreign policy experts. Some of the moments that stand out in my mind include meeting Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner during the annual CFR Corporate Conference; attending a lecture on Sudan given by actor George Clooney; and attending a debate on geopolitics presided by former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and CFR president Richard Haass.

Any advice for current students?
Be observant and be proactive. Never hesitate to ask questions -- expectations about your internship should be clear from day one. Also, keep a record of your weekly intern activities. When the time comes to ask for a recommendation from your supervisor or another co-worker, either for a job or another internship, he or she can refer to this journal or list of tasks to describe the kind of work you did.