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Ben Chu '13

Ben Chu Intern Spotlight

Benny Chu, Class of 2013 - Bachelor of Arts, Finance

Internship: Clark Dodge, I just started my internship this semester and I love it!

Major Choice
Finance is not my only interest; I am also interested in Psychology. I eventually decided that my future was in finance, but I didn’t want to completely give up psych so I chose it as my minor and in my spare time I volunteer at Friendly Connections.

Benny's Experience 
I have had a few different jobs and internships and although I didn’t love all of them, I worked hard and made sure that I learned something at each of them. Not only did I want to be able to add to my resume but I also wanted to do my best- I have pride in my work!

What Benny found helpful
Attending the Power Dinner was really helpful. It is an annual networking event hosted by the CCD. I learned about Experience and I had the chance to practice my networking skills, talk to alumni and learn formal dining etiquette.

How Benny found his internship
I started doing research about careers after I transferred here. I found out about the CCD through HOT NEWS and made an appointment with a counselor. The CCD has helpful resources and their career related panels and workshops helped me to prepare to start looking for internships.

Future Plans
After graduation my career plans are to work within the banking industry, possibly Asset Management

Benny's Advice
Don’t feel defeated it you get turned down—keep looking and don’t give up. I applied for the internship at Clark Dodge last summer. I interviewed for it but was not hired. I decided to apply again because I knew I wanted to intern for them and this time I got the internship!