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Information for Supervisors

If you would like to post an on-campus job with the Center for Career Development, please use our printer-friendly Job Posting Form for Supervisors. Send the completed paper form via campus mail to Raheem Maxwell, Center for Career Development.

Consult the Student Employment Handbook for Supervisors if you are unsure of answers to any of this information, such as Job Title or Hourly Rate.

Hiring Procedures

Students will contact potential employers directly and set up an interview time that suits both parties.

Once hired, students must complete the following forms before they can begin working:

Student Employment Agreement

Student Employment Hiring Addendum

IRS Form W-4 

NYS Form IT-2104 

Form I-9 - Employment Eligibility Verification 

Authorization for Direct Deposit of Payroll

Students must also read the Student Employment Handbook prior to signing their Student Employment Agreement and beginning work.

These forms can also be obtained from the Center for Career Development in Founders G-12 or G-4.

Consult the Web Time Approval Instructions for Supervisors for assistance with approving students' time sheets online.

Questions can be directed to Manching Tom in the Center for Career Development at 914-323-5484.