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Non Federal Work-Study

Campus Employment

Students who have not been awarded Federal Work-Study may apply for a non-FWS campus position at the beginning of each semester.  Campus Employment (non-FWS) positions are available during the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Please note that certain departments may have limited Campus Employment positions.

Information for International Students

Students who have entered the United States on a non-immigrant alien visa (e.g. F-1, E-2, L-2, A, G-4, B-1, B-2, etc.), must consult with the Director of the Office of International Student Services (OISS) before considering or accepting any employment, including paid or unpaid internships, off campus employment, on-campus employment, and any practical training in their field of study.  The Director will provide information regarding U.S. government regulations and eligibility requirements.  International students are not eligible for the Federal Work-Study Program but may work on campus through the Campus Employment program.