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Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a financial award which allows a student with demonstrated financial need to earn a portion of his/her educational expenses by working in a FWS position on or off campus. To determine eligibility or apply for FWS please contact the Financial Aid Office.

Students with Federal Work-Study can apply to on-campus or approved off-campus FWS positions. Employment is not guaranteed, and students are encouraged to contact or visit the Office or Student Employment for assistance in securing a position.

For more information about searching and applying to FWS positions, visit How to Apply.

Off-Campus Federal Work-Study (OFWS) Opportunities

Students awarded Federal Work-Study may be employed off campus in not-for-profit organizations which provide services to improve the quality of life for the community. Such services include tutoring, healthcare, childcare, mentoring and retail. If you would like to use your FWS in community service, there are opportunities to do so. Each year, Manhattanville College is in contract with several not-for-profit organizations that participate in the Off-campus Federal Work-Study Program, and they encourage interested students to fill the open positions listed in the Center for Career Development, the Duchesne Center for Religion and Social Justice, or online at Experience.

If you wish to use your FWS award to work at a non-profit organization that is not currently in contract with Manhattanville College, please encourage your supervisor to contact Manching Tom for more information.

Students who participate in this program are paid biweekly through our office, as with any other on-campus job. Free transportation or car-pooling may be available.

Reminders for Federal Work-Study students

Students with a Federal Work-Study award must first use this allowance before they can receive earnings from campus employment.

When a student is reaching the end of the FWS award, the CCD will notify the student and the supervisor.

A student may contact the Financial Aid Office to see if additional award is available. If yes, the student continues to be paid through FWS. The CCD and the Payroll Department are notified of the change in award.

If a student cannot get additional FWS award and the hiring department has a budget in Campus Employment, the supervisor may submit an authorization to switch the student's payroll type to the non-FWS budget.

If a student cannot get additional FWS award and the hiring department does not have a non-FWS budget, employment ends. If a student has used up all FWS award possibilities and is working in an Off-campus FWS Community Service position, the student may retain the position on a volunteer basis, otherwise employment ends.