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Forms Required for Payment

Student Employment Agreement

Student Employment Hiring Addendum

IRS Form W-4

NYS Form IT-2104

Form I-9 - Employment Eligibility Verification

Authorization for Direct Deposit of Payroll

Applying to Jobs

Campus Job Search Tutorial 

Carver-Coachman-WPYB Tutor Application  (Off-Campus Federal Work-Study)

Payroll Forms

Web Time Entry Instructions for Students

Web Time Approval Instructions for Supervisors

Student Time Sheet

Payroll Schedule- 2013

Payroll Schedule- 2014

Student Employment Handbooks

Student Handbook

Supervisor Handbook

Instructions for Filling Out Forms

Student Employment Agreement

  • Section I and section III to be completed by the student and Section II by the supervisor.
  • Both signatures are required in order for the agreement to be processed.
  • Students who have not previously worked on campus must submit all required paperwork before they can begin working. All paperwork must be received by the CCD the Monday prior to a timesheet due date if the student wishes to be paid the following week.
  • Students must submit a new Student Employment Agreement at the beginning of each semester for each job worked.

IRS Form W-4

  • Disregard sections A-H
  • Write a 1 in box #5 if:
    • you are claimed on your parents' income and THEY make more than $3,7000/year
    • you are not claimed by your parents and YOU make more than $6,000/year
    • you are a foreign student and make more than $2,400/year
  • If less than the above amounts is earned in any situation, put a 0 in box #5
  • Complete sections 1,2,3 and 4
  • Sign and date the form

Form I-9 - Employment Eligibility Verification

  • You must present acceptable documents to establish identity and employment eligibility.  Some of the document may include:  Manhattanville Student ID, Driver's License, Social Security Card, U.S. Birth Certificate or Passport 
  • Complete all of Section 1 (International Students will need information from their I-20 form to complete this section)
  • Sign and date form
  • Present proper forms of ID to Student Employment