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What is the Sophomore Job Shadow Program?

The Sophomore Job Shadow Program matches Manhattanville students to alumni or volunteer employers in a career area of the student's interest.

Students gain the unique opportunity to get an inside view of a particular profession or industry that is of interest to them either near campus or their home town. Students will typically spend a half day shadowing their host in their professional roles.

What is a host's commitment?

Typically students will spend a half-day shadowing their host in their professional environments.

When does the shadow take place?

The shadow can take place either during winter break (January) or spring break (March). Please note that some shadows may take place at a time that is mutually convenient for the host and the student.

Who is eligible to Job Shadow?

As a component of student career development, the Sophomore Job Shadow Program is recommended for second year students. All applicants must have a minimum 2.5 GPA.

How many students will I host?

We hope to match you with 1 student that expresses an interest in your career or industry. You can indicate capability to host more than one student on your Job Shadow Host Application.

What are some Job Shadow Activities?
  • Tour of department or organization
  • Informational interview (with sponsor, HR, colleagues)
  • Attend staff meeting
  • Visit with client/customer/patient
  • "Show and tell" current projects or research
  • Student contribution to project
  • Share information about professional organizations and journals related to your field
  • Explanation of niches within your fields that student can consider exploring
What do I have to do? How does the program work?
  1. Register to be a Job Shadow Host
  2. The CCD will contact you and match you to a student(s)
  3. The student will initiate communication with you
  4. Host your student!
  5. Complete a brief evaluation form

Job Shadow Host Application
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 Job Shadow Host Evaluation Form

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