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The mission of the Manhattanville Student Government Association (SGA) is to serve as the voice of the student body and the liaison between administration and students. We work to achieve the college's mission, promote campus life, further the interests of the student body, and encourage students to develop leadership qualities. SGA also serves as a platform for addressing controversial issues directly affecting the student body while providing adequate channels of expression.

The Student Government Association's office is located in Founders G-32. Feel free to attend our open meetings every Wednesday at 8pm in the Berman Student Center Theater. Contact SGA directly at  with any and all questions, comments, and/or suggestions. If you would like to meet with the current Student Body President, please send an email to

2014 - 2015 Student Government Officers

  • Student Body President - Paul Hoppinthal

  • Vice President of Student Body Affairs - Chanda Pen
  • Student Affairs Representative - Charlie Rush
  • Student Affairs Representative - David Nielsen
  • Vice President of Student Body Finance - Jessica Leon
  • Finance Representative - Adolfo Canales
  • Finance Representative - Pablo Alvarez
  • Finance Representative - Camila Curi 

  •  Vice President of Student Body Academics - Samyam Chand
  • Academic Representative - Shane Du
  • Senior Class President - Andrea Collazo
  • Senior Class Vice President - T.J. Hewitt 

  • Junior Class President - Alejandra Sandoval Taixes
  • Junior Class Vice President - Melanie De Paula Santos

  • Sophomore Class President - Fallon Kirby
  • Freshman Class President - Jason Bergman
  • Freshman Class Vice President - Taisha Griffe

  • Secretary - Sydney Asselstine 
  • Marketing Coordinator - Erika Rosell
  • Project Manager - Michael Distasi

View the pdfStudent Bill of Rights passed by SGA
View thepdfSGA Constitution

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