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Office of Campus Life

The Office of Campus (OCL) is dedicated to the leadership, educational and social development of Manhattanville Students. We foster an environment that is collaborative, socially responsible and community-driven.

The Office of Campus Life aims to:

  1. Create an engaging, vibrant, and welcoming, environment on campus.
  2. Develop student connections to each other, to the campus community, and the College.
  3. Enhance students’ personal growth and educational development.
  4. Develop students’ creative and leadership skills.

As part of the Division of Student Affairs, we offer support for student clubs and organizations, student support services and resources, events and programs that are social, educational, and engaging.

The departments that make up OCL are:

Center for Student Success

The center provides transitional services and resources to students that will strengthen academic performance, enhance student satisfaction, and help them realize their educational goals, while fostering the personal growth and development of each student.Programs include: 

  • Manhattanville Mentor Program(MMP) connect incoming Manhattanville students with successful upperclassmen in order to help them with the transition of college life with emphasis on successful academics and student leadership. Through one on one mentoring and group activities, mentors not only provide support, but create an environment that nurtures and values the diversity of each student. Students are matched through their first year program groups and may also register individually for a mentor to meet with on a weekly basis.
  • Manhattanville Advancement Program (MAP) - is a scholarship program that provides educational opportunity and support to economically disadvantaged students. The MAP scholarship is a four-year commitment. Students receive a broad range of services including academic, personal, and career counseling. Beyond the traditional academic focus of most scholarship programs, MAP encourages the development of the student as a whole— intellectually, ethically and socially. Students are encouraged towards these aims by fostering community service, student leadership development, and goal-oriented self-management.
  • Invest in Success (IIS) - The Manhattanville College - Invest in Success scholarship program was established in 2000 to promote higher education among under represented students through educational outreach and financial assistance. During the month of February Manhattanville will award one scholarship to a graduating high school senior who demonstrates academic commitment and leadership potential.
  • The Transitional Program(TRAN)- any student who is admitted through the Office of Admissions transitionally is automatically enrolled in a 1 credit Student Success course.  Students must successfully complete 12 credits with at least 2.0 GPA by the end of their first semester. If all these criteria are successfully met, the students will have completed the program.

Dean of Students(DOS)

The Dean provides programs and services to support the development of students’ personal growth. The Dean’s role includes interpreting and applying policies and procedures including the Student Code of Conduct.

Office of Student Activities(OSA)

OSA collaborates with Student Affairs and Academic Affairs across campus to develop social and educational programs and traditions which support the college mission, foster student development, and build institutional spirit.

Student Government Association (SGA)

SGA serves as the voice of the student body and the liaison between administration and students.