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Founders Hall

Founders Hall is an all-encompassing facility which houses all students from sophomores through seniors.

Founders Hall is comprised of mostly single and double rooms connected by a bathroom and therefore is always filled to capacity with approximately 400 students (mostly upperclassmen). There are also options for triple or quad rooms for those who would prefer to share a living space with three or four people. Also located in Founder's Hall are the Counseling Center, the Career for Career Development, Academic Advising Office, Office of Residence Life, and the Duchesne Center.

Interested in seeing what some room types in Founders look like?

Here's a typical "Double," which is a two-person occupany room:
DSC 0159

This is another "Double," just with a different furniture setup:
DSC 0181

This is a "Single," which is for one student. Usually, Seniors live in the majority of the single rooms:
DSC 0206