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Room Selection Options

Room Selection

We have a "Room Selection" process that takes place at the end of each spring semester for the following academic year. The Room Selection Handbook is sent out to the students during the spring semester. This process is only for current Manhattanville students.

If you are a returning student who cannot attend room selection personally, or if you are a member of a group who wish to share living quarters, and want to appoint one member to make the selection, use a Proxy Form.

For Current Study Abroad Students

For any student currently studying abroad, or on a leave of absence, the following steps should be taken in order to procure on-campus housing for the 2012-2013 academic year:

1.) Make arrangements to pay the 2012-2013 $400 housing deposit with the Office of Student Accounts. As part of this, please ask Student Accounts to send a copy of your receipt to the Office of Residence Life or authorize them to give a copy of your deposit receipt to your proxy (see item #3). The due date for room deposits is technically April 1 but Student Accounts will accept deposits after that date.

2.) Register for a minimum class load of 12 credits for the Fall 2012 semester by 6 p.m. on Friday, April 20, 2012. Once registered you should be able to view your Fall 2012 schedule on Web Advisor. Copy your FA '12 schedule from Web Advisor into a Microsoft Word document and e-mail the schedule to your proxy (see item #3).

3.) Designate a proxy – someone who is authorized to choose your room for you at the day/time designated for your selection number. This should be someone you know is dependable as you are entrusting them with your Fall 2012 housing. Once you have selected a proxy e-mail that person's name and ID number to Joe Stracci, Administrative Assistant for the Office of Residence Life, at Your proxy will need to present a copy of your FA '12 course schedule and a copy of your housing deposit receipt from Student Accounts when they arrive to select your room.

4.) Selection numbers are assigned based on the number of credits completed as of the end of this semester, Spring 2012. Father Wil Tyrrell will provide the Office of Residence Life with a list of the number of credits you are currently registered for. As of this moment selection numbers will be assigned as follow:

84 credits and above (Seniors) 1 – 400 (selection #)

54 to 83.9 credits (Juniors) 1000 - 1450 (selection #)

0 to 53.9 credits (Sophomores) 2000 – 2525 (selection #)

Please remember that any disciplinary action that occurred in the Fall 2011 semester will factor into selection number groupings, as will cumulative GPA. 

Housing Contracts

In addition to highlighting certain rules and regulations of the Residence Halls, the Housing Contract establishes the financial obligations of the student. All students intending to reside on campus for any portion of the academic year are required to sign a housing contract. Students will sign a housing contract prior to receiving room keys at check-in. All residential students are responsible for knowing and understanding the contents of the housing contract. This is an example of the 2012-2013 housing contract.