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Resources for First Year Students

The Nervous System

Are you new to Manhattanville and feeling a bit--nervous?

Wondering during what time of the day you don't have to pay for a lockout?

Unsure about where to go if the fire alarm goes off?

Looking to clear up confusion about the guest policy, and the difference between Quiet Hours and Courtesy Hours?

Then we've got the guide for you--the Freshmen Survival Guide, that is.

And feel free to let us know if there's information that we left out that you think would be helpful for next year's incoming class.

CashCourse: Define Your Finances. Define Your Future

Living away from home for the first time and looking for a tool to help you eat healthy on a budget, or understand the deductions from your campus job paycheck, or maybe just help setting up a budget in general? Then check out CashCourse.