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Roommate Agreement
Part of the experience of living on-campus is living with a roommate. Many students expect that they will be lifelong friends with their college roommate(s). Although this is true for many students, it is not always the case. Many students coming to college have never had to share a bedroom with a sibling or a bathroom with more than a couple of people. Roommates do not have to be best friends to live together, but they do have to share a relatively small living space. Learning how to effectively share a living space with another person will aid in the development of many skills that they will use later in life.

The Office of Residence Life has developed a tool to help residents get to know each other, communicate their expectations of living together, and set some ground rules for the use of their shared space. This tool is the Roommate Agreement. Completing this Agreement will help start the roommate relationship in a positive way. Once the Agreement is completed, the original will be maintained in the staff office, and a copy will be given to the residents and also kept in the student file.