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9/30/14 - The ResLife Record

Check out the latest edition of the ResLife Record here: September 2014

Thanks to the papaRAzzi Committee for putting everything together.  Interested in seeing something in our next edition?  Email with your submissions or ideas!


Check below for 2013-2014 Updates & Announcements

4/4/14 - Summer Staff

Are you interested in working for the Office of Residence Life this summer?  We're currently searching for Summer RAs, Maintenance Workers, and Conference Assistants.  Download the application here and be sure to turn it in before 5:00pm on April 18th, 2014 to the Office of Residence Life in Founder's Hall G-5.

4/1/14 - Summer Housing

Summer Housing applications are now available to download here.  

Please keep in mind that Summer Housing applications are due to the Office of Residence Life by April 25th, 2014 for full consideration.

4/1/14 - Proxy Forms

As Room selection approaches, I want to remind all those participating about the "Proxy" option. This year, the majority of Selection will take place during the day. This means that inevitably, some of you will run into conflicts with your class schedule. The Office of Residence Life insists that you do not miss class in order to attend Room Selection.  Choosing to have a friend act as your "proxy" at Room Selection is a way to ensure that you still wind up with a housing assignment that best suits your needs.

Your proxy will choose in your place at Room Selection. To do this, they will need all the same materials you would.  This person should be someone you know is dependable as you are entrusting them with your Fall 2014 housing.  Your proxy will need to present a copy of your Fall 2014 course schedule and you will need to ensure no financial holds prior to their selecting your space.

The proxy option is also convenient for groups of students who are planning on choosing a suite in Dammann or Tenney, or any room double, triple, or quad setup. Instead of the entire group waiting online for their number to be called, one person, who has everyone's paperwork (and a plan for who will live where for those selecting suites in Dammann/Tenney), can act as a proxy for the group.

Proxy forms are available to download and print here.


3/17/14 - Room Selection

Students interested in living on campus for the 2014-2015 academic year should review the Room Selection Handbook to learn about the process, important dates, and any residential changes. 

Paper copies are also available in your Resident Director's office and the Office of Residence Life.


3/6/14 - Medical Housing Application

Current students interested in applying for Medical Housing for '14-'15 can pick up a Medical Room Evaluation Form in the main Residence Life office, or download a copy. The Medical Room Evaluation Form is due by April 1st, 2014.


New students interested in applying for Medical Housing for '14-'15 can pick up a Medical Room Evaluation Form in the main Residence Life office, or download a copy. The Medical Room Evaluation Form is due by July 11th, 2014.


11/14/13 - Spring Intent Form

With less than a month to go before Fall 2013 classes end, it's time to start planning for Winter Break and for Spring 2014. With that being said, here are two very important links that all current residents need to visit:

1. Spring 2014 Residency Intent Form

It is mandatory that all current residents fill out this online survey by Tuesday, November 26th, 2013.

2. 2013-2014 Winter Break Memo

This memo should be read by all students and especially by those students who need to live on-campus once the halls close.

8/13/13 - Hall Opening

With a little under two weeks to go before Fall 2013 classes begin, we just wanted to remind students of when the halls open for the semester:

New Students can check in starting at 8:00am on Friday, August 23rd.
Returning Students can check in starting at 12:00pm on Saturday, August 24th.

Enjoy the remainder of the summer and we'll see you all soon!