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Your Student's Safety

Dear Parents,

The safety of your son or daughter is a top priority at Manhattanville College. There is zero tolerance for those who engage in criminal activities or any other activities that disrupt or endanger the life or health of our students, faculty, staff and visitors. We are committed to providing a safe environment, in which our students can live, learn and thrive.

The College has an array of services, programs and departments that work together to ensure all members of the Manhattanville community are provided with a safe and secure learning environment.  Manhattanville is pleased to offer a comprehensive Safety and Emergency Preparedness website which outlines our emergency preparedness on and around our campus. Additionally, we have a wide variety of safety resources available to students, including our Safety & Security brochure.  The brochure is designed to assist members of the campus community with reporting and dealing with emergency situations appropriately.  The pamphlet focuses on addressing the most common emergencies that occurred in the past and those most likely to occur in the future.
Throughout the school year, we offer a consistent message to our students:

  • Wherever you are, your personal safety is paramount. Avoid placing yourself in harm's way.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Report suspicious behavior to the College’s Security Department by dialing 888 from a college phone extension or alternatively 914-323-SAFE.
  • Trust your instincts.
  • Treat others with civility. Avoid confrontational behaviors.
  • Guard against theft by locking your doors and windows, especially at night when sleeping or while you are away.
  • Avoid lending your keys, ID card, or valuables to others.
  • Don't let other people follow you into your residence hall

As needed, we have in place the following Offices available for our students:

  • Campus Safety – 24x7 - 914-323-SAFE
  • Counseling Center - 914-323-5155
  • Health Center - 914-323-5245
  • Residence Life – 914-323-5217
  • Dean of Students – 914-323-3134

In case of an emergency, the college has a comprehensive Emergency Notification System in place:

The Manhattanville community is tied together by a cutting-edge communications network that links everyone on campus. At Manhattanville, students are required to provide emergency contact information, which includes cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Therefore, should it be necessary to provide students with emergency alert information, we can use e-mail, text and/or voice mail to communicate relevant news. The college may also send alerts via the college’s website (, and the campus wide public address system. In addition, Campus Safety patrol trucks are equipped with public address systems.

In the event of a major emergency on campus or in our immediate area, you should visit our Emergency Notification Page for up-to-the-minute information. Please refer to our Safety and Emergency Preparedness website often, as updates are posted frequently and on an ongoing basis.

The College practice or rehearses for emergencies in two ways. (1) Quarterly residence halls evacuation drills (i.e., fire alarm drills). These serve two purposes: to ensure that all safety equipment (audible alarms and strobe lighting) is working properly, and to remind students of their responsibilities during an emergency. (2) The College’s Emergency Command Center  simulations or "table top" exercises, including but not limited to severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, lightning, and a full evacuation of the college. Moreover, the college has yearly drills for an active shooter with local and state agencies.

There are 8 public “blue light” emergency phones around campus, providing individuals with immediate access to Campus Safety Services during emergencies.  In addition there are 17 interior and exterior emergency call boxes with immediate access to Campus Safety.

The Manhattanville community works together to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from any and all emergencies that could affect our college. We have a comprehensive plan extending from all levels of emergency personnel down through the individuals that make up our community to prevent situations that cause emergencies; we have trained and prepared our staff on the procedures to follow should a crisis occur; we have a well collaborated response approach from College officials and City, State and Federal agencies to effectively mitigate any crisis; we are ready and able to recover quickly from emergency events to keep the mission of Manhattanville College actively moving forward.

Should you have any questions regarding the safety of your son or daughter, please do not hesitate to contact me, or Greg Palmer Vice President of Operations ( with any safety concerns you may have. . The key to safety and security is to be prepared.

I wish you and your student a successful and safe academic year.


Jon Strauss