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Common Sense Tips

"Dedicated to the Safety of our Community"


  • Avoid walking alone at night.
  • Use the buddy system when going out at night either on or off Campus.
  • While walking on Campus at night, stay on the lighted walkways, even if it takes a little longer.
  • Park near a streetlight.
  • Lock your car.
  • Hide valuables from view.
  • In the residence halls, lock your door when you leave, even if it's for a minute.
  • Don't flash your money around.
  • Keep personal items in view.
  • Don't prop open residence hall exit doors.
  • If you observe any unusual behavior or activity, unauthorized solicitors, or unfamiliar individuals dial Campus Safety at x5244 from a campus fone or (914) 323-SAFE (7233) from an off-campus phone or a cell phone.
  • To report an accident, medical emergency, or a crime in progress, dial x888 from a campus phone or (914) 323-SAFE (7233) from an off-campus phone or cell phone.
  • Entry into buildings after hours is by card access only.
  • Do not give entry to anyone who cannot gain access with his or her own card.
  • Inside the residence halls carry your keys at all times and never lend them to others or have them copied.
  • Report lost keys immediately to the Resident Assistant or the Residence Life office (Founders G-5 x5217).
  • Carry a noise-making device, such as a whistle and have it ready to use.

    Be alert, observant, and aware of your surroundings and of other people around you including knowing where the emergency phones are on campus.