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Mission and Duties

"Dedicated to the Safety of our Community"

Manhattanville's Department of Campus Safety provides for the peace, safety, and security of persons and facilities on the Manhattanville Campus and properties owned, controlled, or occupied by the College.

The Department's mission is to ensure a safe, problem free environment for students, faculty, and staff in which the College can fulfill its mission of education. The Campus Safety Department is responsible for security and safety enforcement, crime reports, investigations, emergency response, fire and medical emergencies, traffic, parking, and campus awareness.

The Department maintains a close working relationship with all law enforcement agencies.

The Department consists of a Director, a Deputy Director , a Operations Manager, and approximately 24 full-time and part-time Safety Officers. These Officers are trained in the appropriate areas and procedures of safety/security, including but not limited to emergency responses, CPR, first aid, crisis intervention, criminal law, and patrol.