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Emergency Procedures

Crisis Response Team:

flamesmallerThe Vice-President for Operations serves as the college's Crisis Response Commander and, in the event of an emergency it is the VPSA who convenes the Crisis Response Team. This team is comprised of senior leadership as well as Campus Safety. Campus Safety officers are trained first responders and are prepared to take action in any emergency situation that may arise on campus. The Crisis Response Team in place to coordinate immediate responses by individuals who perform specific roles and functions during a crisis situation. These roles are predefined by the college's internal emergency procedures.

A Crisis Communication Plan has been developed by the College as part of its on-going effort to protect Manhattanville College students, faculty, and staff. The development of this plan is based on a realistic assessment of potential incidents that could affect our community and the capabilities to react to those situations.

The Manhattanville College emergency procedures plan permits the simultaneous distribution of broadcast e-mails, text messages (via RAVE campus alert) and the campus intercom system. These systems are used to distribute emergency notifications without delay in situations where a clear and active threat or emergency exists that impacts the campus community and where it is recommended that the recipients take some form of action in response to the active threat or emergency. All members of the campus community are reminded to update their personal information as well as their cell phone numbers in the RAVE system.

The Town of Harrison Police Department:

In addition, Campus Safety maintains a professional working relationship with the Town of Harrison Police Department (HPD). In the event of an emergency, Campus Safety works directly with HPD to coordinate response as well as the use of additional resources that may be necessary to manage a crisis situation.

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