Manhattanville Reid Castle In the Spring

Helpful Tips

Your student is entering a period of rapid growth and transition and you may feel left behind. Below are some useful tips to help guide you through the developmental process and address some of the concerns you may have as a parent of a college student. 


You may find yourself with a child who is Questioning/Challenging, wants to explore (in terms of a career, different cultures or even countries), has new friends that are different from high school, and in general expects to have more freedom. This is natural for students to go through and we encourage family members to talk to your student to find out what they are learning or why they have a passion for a different country. Be supportive of their growth and let them make decisions when it comes to majors and what clubs to be involved with but do not smother. Your child may discover a new talent! 

Some Common concerns of Parents

  • Parents Not Knowing What’s Going 0n
    • We try to keep you in the know but are restricted by certain federal and state laws about what we are able to share.  Utilize the college website and social media to stay abreast of important events, dates and deadlines.
  • Roommate Issues
    • Our Residence Life staff is highly trained to help your student if they have a roommate issue. Encourage them to speak with their Resident Advisor (RA) or Resident Director (RD) if they aren’t sure how to approach a roommate issue.
  • Alcohol/Drugs
    • Educating students outside of the classroom is something that Manhattanville College prides itself on. Expectations relating to alcohol/drugs are covered in our code of conduct as well as through educational programming. We seek to help students understand what it means to be responsible and respectful members of the Manhattanville Community.
  • Homesickness
    • It is normal for a student to become homesick. Feeling like they belong will help ease your student’s transition to college. Encourage them to get involved on campus. We have over 50 different clubs and organizations that range from radio and newspaper, club sports, performance groups, cultural groups, and more!  Encourage your students to meet the people that live in their residence hall even if it is just walking to a meal or going to the Game Zone together. There are student and professional staff that will be there if your student needs to talk, so encourage them to seek out an RA, RD, or someone in the Counseling Center if they need to.
  • Changing Majors
    • Some students come to college knowing exactly what they want to do and have a major in mind. Others are unsure while still a third group changes their minds half way through college. All of these scenarios are ok. College is a time for growth and questioning. Supporting your student through the decision making process is what is important. Help them weigh the pros and cons of choosing a field of study or changing theirs. Encourage your student to go to Academic Advising or the Center for Career Development to explorre majors that best fit their interests and abilities. 
  • Fitting In
    • Manhattanville boasts over 50 clubs and organizations for your student to become involved with. This is a great way for your student to meet new people and become invested in events or causes they believe in.
  • Life Skills
    • Many of the programming put on by student peers teaches life skills such as time management, cooking, communication skills and study skills. Some of these skills are explored during the First Year Seminar as well. 
  • Time Management
    • College life comes with a new schedule for your student. They may have much more free time during the day and more freedom at night, so it is important for them to manage this time wisely. Encourage them to set aside study time, and just as important, relaxation and socializing time with friends.

Remember, they will make mistakes. Changing majors is ok. Support, but don’t smother. Trust your parenting.