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Full-Time Undergraduate Tuition 2014/2015
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Full-Time Undergraduate Tuition 2014/2015
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 Tuition & Fees 2014/2015

Tuition (per Semester) $17,435
Comprehensive Fee (per semester)

The comprehensive fee is a fee charged to all full-time students; it covers all fees that would otherwise be placed on a student’s  account on an individual bases.


Tuition Deposit Commuter Students (non refundable)

Tuition Deposit Resident Students (non refundable)

Room Deposit Resident Students (non refundable)

Tuition Deposit First Year International Students (non refundable)

Medical Insurance (prices subject to change)

           Domestic Fall and Spring


           Domestic Spring

           International Fall


           International Spring $825
Room (per Semester) $4,340 
Board (per Semester) $2,920
Application Fee $50
Higher Education Learning Program Fee (per semester) $3,175
Music Lessons Fee half-hour in voice or piano (per course) $500
Music Lessons Fee hour in voice or instrument (per course) $1,000
Instrument Rental Fee (per semester) $300
Late Registration Fee before add drop $420
  Late Registration Fee after add drop $785
Parking Fee Full-time Residents $100
Parking Fee Full-time Commuter


Late Payment Fee (per month) $100
Transcript Fee (per copy) $8
ID Replacement Fee $10

Credit Overload

For Full-Time students, tuition covers 19 credits (except in

Music or Dance & Theatre majors and Castle Scholars, where the maximum is 21.0). Credits in excess of these amounts will be billed the per credit rate of $810.00.


Please note fees are non refundable.