Manhattanville Reid Castle In the Spring

Meal Plan Information

Freshman and transfer resident students are assigned to Meal Plan A: 19 Meals per week.  Freshman must remain on Meal Plan A for thier first year, transfer students can change thier meal plan before the first Friday of the semester.  Other resident students must select a meal plan before the first Friday of the semester or their prior plan will be renewed.  Commuter students may also select a meal plan.  For more information on purchasing a Meal Plan please call 914-323-5395. 

Meal Plan Change Form

Please complete this form and FAX OR E-MAIL FORM TO STUDENT ACCOUNTS AT 914-323-5384 or

Please note that no changes can be made after the first Friday into the semester.

Plan A: 19 Meals per week + 100 points ($2,920.00 per semester)

Plan B: 15 Meals per week + 150 Points ($2,720.00 per semester)

Plan C: 10 Meals per week + 250 Points ($2,810.00 per semester)

     Plan D: Block Plan: 135 Meals + 150 Points ($2,810.00 per semester)

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Meal Plan Choice:

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