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Student Employment

The Center for Career Development is responsible for the administration of the Student Employment Program. The Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program and Campus Employment (CE) are the two programs at the College which make up Student Employment. All jobs on campus in both of these programs are listed with the Center for Career Development and students may use the Job Board to review available opportunities.

Federal Work-Study Program (FWSP)

FWS is a financial award and is given as part of the financial aid package. It is not an outright gift, but an amount that can be earned by working in jobs on or off-campus. Money earned is to be used at the student's discretion. It may be used to pay for books, living expenses, or other college costs. Students are encouraged to utilize this financial aid funding wisely. If a student does not find suitable employment and cannot earn the amount of the financial aid award, the student will not receive the money allotted.

FWS can be earned on campus and from off-campus jobs if the positions are in service to the community and are in the public interest. There are strict rules governing these off-campus opportunities, and a special section of the Job Board lists available jobs.

Campus Employment

Students who do not have a FWS award may apply for jobs on campus under the Campus Employment Program.

Students seeking employment in both of these programs should visit the Office of Career Services to consult the boards and binders. Students will be required to complete registration forms and an Employment Agreement for each position obtained. Jobs are available for the Fall and Spring semesters in FWS and CE.

The Center for Career Development is open during posted times and by appointment. Van transportation is available to transport students to community service jobs and internships.