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WebAdvisor: Online Self-Service

Click This Link to View Instructions to Set Up Your Access to WebAdvisor, Email and Other Online Resources

Mandatory use of WebAdvisor-The College's online student portal:

Manhattanville College provides all students with a secure online self-service portal called WebAdvisor. WebAdvisor is the online location where students may perform the following functions:

  • Register for courses (perform adds and drops) while registration is open (check academic calendars for specific dates)
  • View term schedules and campus building/room locations for class meetings
  • View final grades at the end of a term
  • UNDERGRADUATES are expected to routinely use Degree Audit to check their progress fulfilling general education, distribution and liberal arts credit requirements
  • View the status of accepted transfer credits, Manhattanville placement exam scores and the recording of external testing results (TOEFL, CLEP, etc.)
  • Check tuition status, balances and submit payments
  • View an unofficial transcript and course history
  • Inspect their academic and demographic profile (name data, address/phone info, academic status)

At the end of each term, faculty evaluations are administered through WebAdvisor. WebAdvisor also hosts the College's online Schedule of Classes. The Schedule of Classes is open to viewing by the public. A login is not required.

All students attending classes at Manhattanville College are required to setup access to WebAdvisor and use the system! WebAdvisor access may be established once the student receives a "Welcome" email or letter indicating that their account is ready to be activated. This is done using the Self-Service Password Utility.