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The complete academic record and transcripts of current and former Manhattanville students is maintained by the Registrar's Office. Transcripts are provided upon the written request of the student ONLY. Official trasncripts cost $8.00 each. In compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), academic record information is disclosed only with the written consent of the student.

NOTE: Manhattanville students do not need to request transcripts when applying to Manhattanville Graduate Programs. Submission of official transcripts of course work from other institutions is still required.


Official transcripts, once processed, can either be mailed to the requested address or picked up in person with a photo ID.

Ways to obtain an official copy of your Manhattanville College transcript:

Manhattanville College Registrar's Office
2900 Purchase St.
Purchase, NY 10577

  • Visit us in person and fill out the request form at the Registrar's Office.
  • Fax or mail a written request with the following information:
    • Your full name (student name if different from current name)
    • Your phone number (cell phone preferred)
    • Your dates of enrollment (approximate is fine)
    • Your student ID number and/or social security number
    • Name and address of person, office or institution where transcript should be sent
    • Number of transcripts needed
    • Indicate whether to send your transcript "Upon receipt of your request" OR "hold your transcript until":
      • Final grades are submitted for the semester or...
      • Your degree is awarded or...
      • A grade change is processed
    • Your signature MUST be on the form!
    • Please allow seven (7) business days to process your request.

There is an $8.00 fee per official transcript copy requested. Official transcripts will not be produced if payment has not been provided. Please send a check for total payment or include a credit card number (Amex, Discover, MasterCard or Visa) and expiration date along with your request.

MAILING COSTS: The $8.00 per transcript fee only covers standard first class postage costs for transcripts mailed using the US Postal Service to domestic destinations only. Requests to send transcripts internationally or via priority delivery (example Fedex, DHL, etc.) to ANY destination (domestic or foreign) will incur additional costs. The transcript requestor must make appropriate pickup and delivery arrangements and contact our office when ready. Couriers may collect scheduled pickups at this location on the Manhattanville Campus:

Manhattanville College Post Office
Benziger Hall ground floor
2900 Purchase Street, Purchase, NY 10577

FINANCIAL & STUDENT ACCOUNT HOLDS: The college does not process transcript requests for students whose accounts have been placed on hold by our Student Accounts Office. Students with financial holds should contact the Student Accounts Office at (914) 323-5266.

If you are picking up your transcript, you MUST bring a picture ID. If you want someone else pick up your transcript by proxy, we require written consent from the student. Please submit to the Registrar's Office a letter prepared by you identifying the person by FULL NAME who will be receiving your transcripts, your student ID number, your maiden name or name used while in attendance (if applicable) and a copy of your current photo ID (Mville ID, current driver's license, passport, etc.). Sign the letter with your full penned signature. Emails or faxes of consent will NOT BE ACCEPTED!


There is no charge for an Unofficial transcript copy request. Unofficial transcript requests may be submitted in person at the Registrar's Office, by fax, or by mail. For mail-in or faxed requests, please include the information stated above under Official requests. Unofficial transcripts can either be mailed out to the requested address or picked up at the Registrar's Office with a picture ID.

NOTE: Requests for OFFICIAL or UNOFFICIAL transcripts CANNOT be processed if the student has any active Student Accounts or financial Holds on their record.