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Grading & Grading Policies

Manhattanville's grading system uses standard letter grades. Each letter grade is assigned a numeric grade point value to allow computation of a student's Grade Point Average (GPA). See the College Catalog for a complete description of grading and grade glossary.

Grading also includes the option to take some courses on a Pass/Fail (P or F grade)basis.  Courses that satisfy a requirement for a major, a minor, Freshmen Seminar (FYP) or a General Education competency/distribution CANNOT be taken as pass/fail. A maximum of four (4) credits per semester may be taken pass/fail. Students must request pass/fail for a course using the Pass/Fail request form at the Registrar's Office no later than the last day of Add/Drop for the term.

Course withdrawals are reflected as a "W" grade in a course's grade field and are non-punitive (do not affect the GPA).  Students must obtain the appropriate signatures before withdrawal requests will be processed.

Incomplete grades (Will appear as "GD" or "Grade Deferred") are given for special circumstances only with the approval of the appropriate academic Dean and the course instructor using an Incomplete Grade Contract.  Incomplete requests must be finalized by the last day of classes for the semester within which they apply. Forms are available at the Registrar's Office.

Faculty submit student grades securely online using WebAdvisor. Final grades are available to all students for viewing through their WebAdvisor accounts after the Registrar's Office verifies grade submissions. Grades are generally available for viewing several days AFTER the faculty grading deadline date for the term published on the Academic Calendar.

NOTE TO FACULTY: Final grades must be submitted using the web grading link in your WebAdvisor account. The Registrar's Office communicates the web grading entry dates and deadlines towards the end of each semester. Grades submitted OUTSIDE of WebAdvisor will not be accepted without the penned signature of the instructor on all grade documents as proof of authenticity.