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Declare a Major, Minor and Update Advisor Information

Undergraduate students declare or change their academic programs (i.e. majors & minors) and/or change their academic advisors using the following form:

Undergraduate Declaration/Change of Program, Minor or Change of Advisor Form

All matriculated undergraduate students will declare their major(s) and minor(s) by completing this form and submitting it to the Registrar's Office (See exceptions to this below for undergrad education declarations). Students may declare a major and minor(s) at any point after entering the college (see freshmen limitations and transfer notes below). All students MUST declare a major by a deadline in the middle of the 4th semester (example: Spring of the sophomore year). Declaration deadlines are published on the Academic Calendars for each term. Additionally, students should use this form to select an advisor in their intended major of study; students are reminded that their academic advisor must be a faculty member in the department that offers each major and minor.

Important Notes:

  • First-year students who declare a major will continue to be advised by their First Year Seminar instructor, but will add a departmental advisor as a co-advisor. Except for a few situations, major declarations by freshmen before the second term of the freshmen year is concluding will be discouraged. This is done to ensure new students experience Manhattanville's unique freshmen immersion.
  • Transfer students entering the College with advanced standing having earned transfer credit are advised to speak with an advisor and declare a major as early as possible; this will allow transfer students to accurately assess their intended date of graduation and focus on a program of study.
  • Students with multiple majors will designate a major advisor in each department.
  • The declaration form must be signed by the appropriate department chairpersons (or their designees), by the new advisor, and by the student. Forms without all required signatures will be deemed incomplete, and will not be accepted. 
  • Prospective Education 2nd Majors and Art Ed Minors: Please do NOT use the declaration form! You must formally apply to the School of Education and be accepted into an undergraduate education area. See the School of Education advisor Dr. JoAnne Ferrara for an application. Once you are accepted, your undergrad education area will be assigned to you by the Registrar's Office.
  • CAUTION: Changing from one degree program to another may extend your graduation date! Consult with an advisor to gauge the requirements of a new major before proceeding.
  • MINORS: As of January 2014, minors became OPTIONAL for undergraduates. They are no longer a graduation requirement. Students should still consider declaring a minor to broaden their education and explore an academic area of interest.
  • Graduate & Doctoral Students: Please DO NOT use the form above. Continue to process program changes using existing procedures with your respective graduate and doctoral program advisor(s).

Completed forms submitted to the Registrar's Office (located in BR-113) will be processed within 3 business days. Forms submitted after each term's filing deadline will be held for processing in the next term.