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SUNY Purchase Cross Registration

Cross registration is available to full-time matriculated undergraduates currently registered for at least 12 credits at Manhattanville.

Written approval from your advisor, the academic dean, and the Manhattanville registrar must be presented in order to cross-register at Purchase College. Cross Registration forms are available at the Academic Advising Office.  Your course selection must have the approval of Manhattanville's Dean of Studies.  Courses to be counted toward your major or a second area must be approved by that department chairperson. Manhattanville students are responsible for any applicable fees (registration, lab, etc.)

Students dropping or withdrawing from a course at Purchase College must drop/withdraw with both the Purchase College and Manhattanville College Registrar's Offices.

Upon completion of the course work at Purchase, an official transcript will be forwarded to Manhattanville.  The course titles and grade will appear on the Manhattanville transcript and will be reflected in the grade point average (GPA).

Summer courses and continuing education courses are not available for cross registration.  Courses taken at Purchase during the summer sessions may, with pre-approval, be accepted as transfer credit, but will not affect the Manhattanville G.P.A. (see the academic dean for pre-approval of transfer credit from other institutions.)

Information regarding the Purchase course schedule and cross registration dates are available from the Purchase College Registrar's Office.

Manhattanville Management, Computers Science Studio Arts, Economics, Certification courses, Independent Study courses, and any course that is also offered at Purchase College are not available to Purchase College students.

Purchase Visual Art courses are not available to Manhattanville Students.

Forms are available from the Academic Advising Office, the Registrar's Office or to print one out, click on:

Cross-Registration Form