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Add/Drop, Withdrawal & Decisions Not To Attend
How do I:

Add/Drop Classes?

Withdraw from Classes?

Drop All of My Classes and Not Attend?


Students are given the opportunity to change their course schedule during the add/drop period, which lasts for approximately ten days at the beginning of each semester. (Please check the Academic Calendar for the Add/Drop deadline for each semester). Changes made during this period are not reflected on the student's permanent academic record.  Add/drop is performed online using WebAdvisor. Use of an Add/Drop will require an advisor's signature. 

NOTE: Full time undergraduates are required to carry a minimum 12 credit course load by the end of the add/drop period.  Failure to do so may jeopardize eligibility for benefits available to full-time students (eg. financial aid, scholarship, health coverage, etc.) and will violate campus housing occupancy policies.

Add/Drop Form 


Once the add/drop period is over, students have the option to withdraw from courses up to the withdrawal deadline published for a term in the Academic Calendar.  Course withdrawals will be documented permanently on a student's transcript record with a grade of "W".  A "W" grade is non-punitive and does NOT affect the GPA. Withdrawals cannot be submitted online via WebAdvisor. Please use the appropriate form below:

Course Withdrawal Form, full time undergraduate

Course Withdrawal Form, part time undergraduate  

Course Withdrawal Form, graduate

IMPORTANT: If withdrawals are processed AFTER a semester's tuition refund schedule has passed, students are responsible for ALL TUITION CHARGES & FEES! Students may submit a Bursar Tutiion Appeal to the Student Accounts Office for consideration of special circumstances connected to their withdrawal. Visit the Bursar Appeal's Committee web page at the link below for more information:

Bursar Tuition Appeals Committee 


Decision Not To Attend/Drop All Classes Before a Term  Begins:

Students who decide not to attend classes for which they are registered are NOT AUTOMATICALLY DROPPED from them! You MUST follow the procedures below to completely drop a registration or withdraw from the College. Courses that remain on your registration will be billed to you and you will be fully responsible for all tuition charges and fees!

Undergraduates: WebAdvisor will prevent an undergraduate from removing one last course section from their registration up to the end of the add/drop period. If you will not be attending Manhattanville College, please contact the Office of Academic Advisement at 914-323-5353 or They will formalize withdrawal plans with you. Once the procedure is completed, the Registrar's Office will remove all courses from your registration.

Graduate & Doctoral Students: WebAdvisor allows graduate and doctoral students to remove EVERY COURSE from their schedule and empty their registration up to the end of the add/drop period. If you will not be attending Manhattanville College, drop all of your courses and contact your advisor or appropriate program office to alert them of your intention not to attend.