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Registration, Email & WebAdvisor


Fall 2014 Undergrad online registration begins April 14th. Graduate & doctoral registration begins April 21st.



Course Schedules & Registration:

Registration for the Spring semester begins in November and for the Fall semester in April. All registration is conducted online in WebAdvisor. Email announcements are sent to students with specific registration dates and instructions. Also refer to the Academic Calendar for important semester dates and deadlines.

Use the links on the menu to the LEFT to navigate to registration information you need.

Mandatory student use of the College's Office365 email system:

Email is the official means of communication among the students, faculty and staff at Manhattanville College. Every student is provided with an Office 365 email account. The College reserves the right to send email communications to a student's Office365 email account with the expectation that such communications will be received, opened and read in a timely manner. In many cases, an email will be the ONLY form of notification sent to the student. College faculty use email on a constant basis to conduct classes and expect students to monitor their account as part of their studies. College administration and offices use email to communicate announcements, advisories and important deadlines to the student community. Students will receive a "Welcome" email or letter indicating that their account is ready to be activated. This is done in conjunction with their WebAdvisor account (see below). The Office of Information Technology assigns everyone an official Manhattanville College email address. This is the college email address that appears in all electronic data applications such as the College web site, Ellucian Colleague system, WebAdvisor online portal, Blackboard, etc. Printed materials such as handbooks and name directories will also display the official College email address.

Students are allowed to setup email forwarding to have their Office365 email redirected to another email address (eg: Gmail, Hotmail). However, please note that such redirection is done at the student's own risk. Manhattanville College cannot be responsible for the processing of emails in other email systems or held liable for missed communications that were originally sent to the student's official email address.

Visit the Office of Information Technology's web pages for further information and the College's Email Policy.

Mandatory use of WebAdvisor-The College's online student portal:

Manhattanville College provides all students with a secure online self-service portal called WebAdvisor. WebAdvisor is the online location where students register for classes (perform adds and drops) and view term schedules, final grades, tuition status, unofficial transcript and demographic profile (name data, address/phone info, etc.). At the end of each term, faculty evaluations are administered through WebAdvisor. WebAdvisor also hosts the College's online Schedule of Classes. The Schedule of Classes is open to viewing by the public. A login is not required.

All students attending classes at Manhattanville College are required to setup access to WebAdvisor and use the system. WebAdvisor access may be established once the student receives a "Welcome" email or letter indicating that their account is ready to be activated. This is done in conjunction with their Office365 email account (see above).