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Background and General Information

The College has established the following guidelines for the Faculty Research Grants.  These grants provide reimbursement for research expenses, scholarly paper presentations, travel to conferences, and in some instances, expenses incurred for workshops or seminars devoted to improvement of pedagogical techniques.  

Our current budget is $51,940.  The current grant limit is $1,100 for full-time faculty, $550 for full-time faculty who are not presenting, and $175 for adjunct faculty.  All full-time faculty are encouraged to participate at conferences, as scholarship is one-third of the reappointment, tenure and/or promotion decision for full-time faculty.

The fiscal year for the FSC budget is July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014.  The Committee will honor requests for this time period only.  The travel deadline for application for this academic year is June 15, 2014.  Requests for expenses incurred between July 1 and the start of the academic year will be processed in the fall.

Travel Funding Approval Process
If you are presenting a paper, are an invited speaker, or are chairing a panel at a conference, please follow the procedure outlines below to request funding.

At least six weeks prior to travel, download and complete the pdfTravel Pre-Approval Form.  Hard copies of the form are available from Tina Puttre in Faculty Services.

Send the completed Travel Pre-Approval Form, documentation describing the conference and estimated expenses, and a copy of the accepted proposal or conference acceptance letter to Tina Puttre, Manager – Faculty Services (  The preferred method of submission is via email, but forms are also accepted via campus/postal mail.  Faculty should retain a copy of the request for their personal records.

Within two weeks of submission of the pre-approval request, the Office of the Provost will communicate the pre-approval decision via email.

If approved, the faculty member travels to the conference and saves all original receipts for reimbursement.

Within two weeks of conference attendance, faculty download and complete the pdfCheck Requisition Form and submit it, along with original receipts to Heather Perretta of the Faculty Service Committee.  When completing the Check Requisition Form, please keep in mind the following:

  • The Payee ID is your Manhattanville ID number
  • Include your email address on the address line
  • Your Social Security Number is not required
  • The Service Committee will enter Department and Object Number(s) to be charged
  • Initial “Check Requested by” line
  • Sign your name on the Payee line
  • If you have an e-ticket, submit proof of payment that shows your name that it was charged to your account
  • Receipts for registration fees must include proof of payment that shows your name and that it was charged to your account.  We do not reimburse for membership fees.
  • For hotel, subtract all phone calls, movies, etc.
  • All personal food/drink will be reimbursed with appropriate receipts up to $45/day.
  • The automobile travel allowance is currently 55.5 cents per mile
  • Make two copies of your form and receipts
    • Submit the original and one copy
    • Keep one copy for your records

The Faculty Service Committee will process reimbursements on the 1st and 15th of each month.