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With the belief that our growth as a teaching and learning community requires a vibrant, collaborative support system capable of turning innovative teaching ideas into exciting realities, the Center for Teaching and Learning offers one-on-one consultation services. These confidential consultations are based upon and designed to meet specific faculty-driven goals. Consultations support faculty as they generate and experiment with new ideas and methods. They start with working to understand the faculty member's goals, teaching context, and underlying pedagogical questions and follow with brainstorming, sharing ideas and reviewing literature that can help with cultivating ideas and developing strategies for implementation. Follow up sessions are offered to support faculty as they work to implement their ideas and meet their consultation goals.

Examples of faculty consultation goals have included:

• Using video creation tools for second language development

• Using Blackboard to enhance course organization, structure and learning material accessibility

• Using Blackboard for online and blended course design

• Using collaborative technologies—e.g. Blogs—to promote active student participation in and reflection on social justice issues

• Using ePortfolio for assessment and feedback

• Increasing student participation and engagement

• Integrating problem-based learning strategies

• Using Wiggins & McTighe's backward design process for course development

• Flipping the classroom

If you would like to schedule a consultation or world like to learn more about them, please contact Dr. Sherie McClam or Christopher McGilvery in the Center for Teaching and Learning. Or please feel free to simply stop by the CTL anytime to discuss teaching and learning ideas and goals.