The Relationship Between Scholarship and Teaching

Blog Author: Dr. Elizabeth Cherry

At the discussion on the relationship between teaching and research held in the CTL, colleagues from English, Education, Sociology, and the CTL shared best practices and brainstormed ideas for future classes. One strategy for merging the two is SOTL, or the scholarship of teaching and learning, wherein faculty measure student learning associated with specific practices and analyze their findings using SOTL and disciplinary literature. Faculty also discussed ways of bringing their own research into the classroom, such as through reading assignments or in-class analytic discussions of faculty data and findings. Faculty also reported that staying engaged in research made them a more vital professor in terms of keeping up with the field and staying excited about learning—remaining a lifelong learner. In this vein, faculty discussed how breaking down complex disciplinary arguments for their students, especially undergraduates, helped them more clearly answer the "so what?" questions involved in their own research.

Successful eTern Showcase

Blog Author:  Dora Moriera

On behalf of the eTern Team and the CTL we would like THANK all of the members our vibrant and diverse teaching and learning community who attended the eTern Showcase. We hope that you were able to generate ideas will enable you to integrate instructional technology tools inside or outside of your classroom in ways that engage, motivate, and support today's students. The CTL's eTern team introduced many different tools and ideas that faculty and teaching staff can use to support their curricular goals and learning outcomes. Click here to access the eTern Showcase Prezi.

If you would like to learn more about the various technology tools that can be integrated to provide students with opportunities to connect, collaborate, and produce digital representations of their learning, please feel free to contact eTerns via e-mail at eternsupport@mville.edu or call them at 914-323-1318. Our eTern team is ready to support you and your class with integrating technology for teaching and learning.

In addition to eTern support, the CTL staff is always ready to discuss ways to integrate technology to support both curricular goals and learning outcomes. Please feel free to set up a consultation. Click here to learn more about consultations.