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In a continuing effort to support the vibrant and diverse teaching and learning community at Manhattanville College, the Center for Teaching and Learning was established in 2012 to support faculty, adjuncts, and staff in their pursuit of effective instruction and facilitation, to develop outcomes-based approaches to curriculum design, and to incorporate student-centered twenty-first century technologies. 

Most of all, the Center is a collegial space to foster ongoing discussion, professional development, and one-on-one sessions with fellow faculty and staff about promising practices in teaching and learning. In here, you can find support for new ideas, explore recent innovations in teaching in your disciplines, and receive guidance and training on new technologies that promote student engagement.

The Center strives to create and support a vibrant and diverse teaching and learning community of through:

  • Supporting faculty-driven initiatives that seek to incorporate new pedagogical strategies and/or instructional technologies that result in increased student academic success.
  • Promoting innovative and effective practices for inclusive teaching, investigating achievement gaps and developing strategies for overcoming those gaps.
  • Encouraging and supporting continuous discussions among faculty and teaching staff about student learning.
  • Building programming opportunities that bring faculty/student support service departments together to create a collaborative and cohesive teaching institution.
  • Encouraging faculty to share effective teaching practices and strategies. 
  • Building a culture of purposeful inquiry within a community of teachers and learners.
  • Supporting the scholarship of teaching and learning among faculty from diverse backgrounds and disciplines.

The Center is located in Library 213 and is open to all faculty, adjuncts, and staff during the work week. The CTL’s staff looks forward to working with you!