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Internet Resources for Higher Education Outcomes Assessment

Comprehensive List of Resouces from NC State


Writing Student Learning Outcomes

Bloom's Taxonomy of Measurable Verbs
Action Verbs
From California State University (pod cast)
From the University of Rhode Island

From Gavilan College
From Modesto Junior College


Choosing Assessment Measures

From California State University (pod cast)


Writing Rubrics

Samples from Seattle University
From University of Wisconsin
From Binghamton
From Dartmouth
Introduction to Rubrics by Stevens & Levi
Example Rubrics
Rubric Library


Collecting Assessment Evidence

From California State University (pod cast)


Resources by Discipline

From the University of Michigan
From Indiana University
From Duke University


Standardized Exams for Assessment

ACT Test
Major Field Tests


Middle States

Middle States Assessment Publications
Characteristics of Excellence in Higher Education



Levels of Assessment