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The Committee Letter

Many medical and dental schools require or prefer applicants to have a letter of evaluation from their undergraduate school's prehealth committee. At Manhattanville, this letter is the PHPAC Recommendation letter.

The PHPAC Recommendation letter is a comprehensive evaluation of your record in academic and other activities. All undergraduates and alumni are eligible for a letter, provided that they meet the following requirements:

  • successfully complete six semesters of college, at least two of which are at Manhattanville
  • maintain a 3.25 G.P.A overall and 3.0 in each of the core courses.
  • complete at least one science course, preferably two or more, at Manhattanville College. It is recommended that all core courses be completed at Manhattanville.
  • get approval from the PHPAC for core courses taken elsewhere
  • submit a complete PHPAC Letter Request Form and supply all of the requested information, including the appropriate standardized test results, by the second Friday in August that precedes application deadlines. (If the student's file is incomplete upon submission, the PHPAC will not consider him/her for a letter of recommendation.)

Any student who is unable to meet these requirements should contact a member of the PHPAC as soon as possible to discuss his/her options. Note that the standardized test result is a requirement for the application and the PHPAC will not evaluate the student’s file without the test result. Therefore, students must schedule to take the MCAT, DAT, or appropriate counterpart no later than early August.

Students should pick up the necessary forms from a PHPAC member or the Academic Advising Office before the end of the sixth semester. Students who request a PHPAC Letter will be evaluated by the Committee and receive one of the following ratings:

  1. Highly Recommended
  2. Recommended
  3. Recommended with Reservation
  4. Not Recommended

Students will be notified once the PHPAC has decided on a level of recommendation. If a student decides to proceed with the application process, he/she will be scheduled for an interview with the PHPAC.

Students will be notified when their letter has been sent to their prospective medical or dental schools.

 Click here for the application.


Note: There is now a June deadline in addition to the August deadline for a letter request.  Please contact Dr. Gandolfi for details.