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Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee

The Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee (PHPAC) is available to assist students in preparing for admission to graduate health profession programs, including those in medical, dental, nursing, pharmacy, veterinary, optometry, physical therapy, and other health-related fields.  Students considering a career in one of these fields should contact a member of the PHPAC as soon as possible upon admission to Manhattanville, to plan their schedules. 

In addition to advising and consultation, the PHPAC provides an Official Committee Recommendation Letter (PHPAC Letter) upon a student’s request. As part of the application process, the PHPAC will conduct a practice interview with the student.  The interview is intended primarily to help prepare students for the professional school admissions process.  It may also serve to give the Committee a more complete impression of the student, thereby improving the Committee's ability to write a letter on his/her behalf.

PHPAC members (2014-2015):

Wendy McFarlane (Biology, Chair)
Paul Ellis (Mathematics and Computer Science)
David Gutman (History)
Kyoko Mona (Economics, Finanace, & Management)
Katherine Bao (Psychology) 

ex officio:
Darlene Gandolfi (Pre-Health Advisor)
Denise Cain (Post-Bacc Pre-Health Advisor)


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