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Senior Review Requirements

Off-track Final Review Portfolios are due on May 5th, 2014.

The Final Review includes the following, all updated from First Review: 


  • The General Study Plan updated to reflect all changes since First Review and projecting all courses needed to complete degree requirements. It must be approved by the student's academic advisor, and the department chair. Please note if the student is double majoring, the chairs of both majors must sign the form.
  • The Major/Minor Checklist, updated to reflect all changes in courses completed and projected for major and minor credit. It must be approved by the chairs of the major and minor departments. If a student chooses to double major, a minor is not required; however, the student should complete a separate checklist for each major, leaving the minor area blank.
  • Students completing a program of study in Education should also complete the Education Major Approval Form, which supplements the Major/Minor checklist used for the liberal arts major. Students in the Dual Degree Honors Program must complete the Dual Degree in Education Approval Form, which lists the liberal arts major and minor courses, in addition to graduate courses and Education co-requisite courses. This form is approved by both the major and minor chairs, and by the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Admissions and Advisement in the School of Education.
  • For students entering Fall 2009 or later, the General Education Worksheet  should be completed to reflect all courses used to meet the College's general education requirements. For updated lists of courses meeting the College's general education requirements please refer to the Undergraduate Course Registration Information section of the Registrar's webpage.

  • For students entering prior to Fall 2009, the Distribution Worksheet and the Writing and Research Competency Form (which lists the courses used to meet the College's requirements for College-level writing and research) need to be completed.  For a complete list of all Writing (W) and Writing with Research (W/R) intensive courses from previous semesters (i.e. Fall 2005 - Fall 2008), please click here. For an accurate listing of (W) and (W/R) courses, please see the Undergraduate Course Registration Information section of the Registrar's webpage.
  • Please also submit a resume that has been approved by the Center for Career Development.




The Program Evaluation Essay provides an opportunity for the student to reflect upon her/his progress in meeting (or re-establishing) her/his academic goals since First Review. These personal goals should be related to the larger goals of the College's mission.

The Global Competency Essay demonstrates the student's plans for gaining greater awareness of and sensitivity to cultural differences, as shown in their discussion of at least two courses (for a minimum of six credits) that reflect this goal. If the student has been approved as having already satisfied the requirement at First Review, s/he is not required to revise this essay at Final Review.


Students must submit at least two (2) substantial pieces of writing beyond those submitted at First Review, for a total of at least four (4) examples. The total of at least four (4) examples must include:

1. At least two (2) research projects, at least one of which contains a standard bibliography; and,
2. At least one (1) critical/analytical essay.
3. At least one (1) other example, which may be either analytical or bibliographic. Each submission should include a completed cover sheet.

Students are also encouraged to submit supplementary material offering evidence of co-curricular or service activities or other work they consider significant. These materials are welcomed, but not required.