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Italian Placement Exam

 * For Blackboard Placement Exam instructions, click HERE *

Your Passport to Italy and the Italian Language!

Please take this exam if you have any background in speaking or reading Italian and you are considering continuing to study it at Manhattanville to fulfill your language requirement. You need not take it if you have never studied this language.

Examination information:

The Italian placement exam is an online web-based program, so it may be completed on a computer (PC or MAC) with Internet access. Normally within 48 hours, placement scores and their Manhattananville course equivalencies (if applicable) will appear in your WebAdvisor account. Click the "Placement Exams, Non Course and Transfer Course Equivalencies" link.

-Students may take the Italian placement exam only once- 

The purpose of this exam is to provide individualized testing, to identify your ability level using combinations of grammar, reading, and vocabulary questions. Please complete the placement examination to the best of your ability, without the use of textbooks, dictionaries, or any other type of assistance.

Questions about Italian placement or courses available should be directed to Professor Alessandro Daniele, Coordinator of Italian in World Languages & Literatures, at

Students eligible for testing accommodations are encouraged to contact the Director of Disability Services at 914-323-7127.

Instructions for Enrolling in the Online Placement Test:

1. Go to Login to Blackboard using your new Manhattanville credentials. Your username is your last name and first initial (unless otherwise indicated in the welcome email or letter you recently received with your new account setup instructions). The first time you log into Blackboard, your password is also the same as your username.

Example: Jane Valiant
Username: valiantj (there might be a trailing digit here such as "valiantj1") 
Password: valiantj (there might be a trailing digit here such as "valiantj1")

BB9 Login

*NOTE: If you have trouble logging in, contact the IT Help Desk at (914) 323-7230. (Note you may change your password under "Personal Information" in the "Tools" box on the left side of the Blackboard screen after your login.)

3. Once you have logged in, click on the "My Courses" tab at the top left of the screen:

BB9 Exam1

4. Search for the name of the placement exam you wish to take in the "Course Search" box. The following tutorial uses the "Chemistry Placement Exam" as a test example:

BB9 Exam2

5. When the course or exam name list appears with the name of the placement exam you want to take, click on the arrow next to the title to open a dropdown menu. The "Enroll" link will then display. Click the word "Enroll":

BB9 Exam3

6. On the next screen, click "Submit" to enroll in the placement exam. On the following screen, click "OK" to confirm your enrollment:

BB9 Exam4

7. You are now enrolled in your placement exam. You MUST read all instructions and advisories listed for the exam before you begin! Click the placement exam's name to begin your test session:

BB9 Exam5

8. If you will not be taking an exam immediately after enrolling, you may exit Blackboard and return to the exam later without re-enrolling. Your "enrolled" exams will appear on your main Blackboard page after you log in under "My Courses".

Instructions to Start an Exam

9. Once you click on a placement exam's name, you may "Begin" your test session:

BB9 Exam6

10. The exam's duration timer will begin counting down and the "Questions Completion Status" bar will track your progress on the exam's questions. Your answers are saved automatically. Click the arrow next to the question counter in the lower right corner to advance to the next exam question:

BB9 Exam7

 11. Be sure to read each question carefully. Your answers will automatically save. Once you have selected your answer, click the progress arrows on the right to advance to the next question.

12. After the last question, click "Save and Submit." If you have not completed all of the questions after the exam's time limit is reached, the test will automatically end and your answers will have been saved.

13. You may check your score immediately after the test is submitted by clicking "My Results" in the course menu on the left. Your score will also be visible within 48 hours in your WebAdvisor account.