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M.S. Computer Science at Polytechnic University

Manhattanville College: B.A. in Computer Science

Polytechnic University: M.S. Computer Science

This is a five-year program usually consisting of three years of accelerated undergraduate study at Manhattanville and two years of graduate study at Polytechnic University in Brooklyn. Students leave Manhattanville after completing their third year and a minimum of 105 undergraduate credits and begin their graduate program at Polytechnic. Up to 15 credits of graduate work taken during the first year at Polytechnic may count toward both degrees, and are transferred back to Manhattanville to complete the minimum of 120 credits required for the B.A. degree. Students are usually eligible for the Manhattanville B.A. after the end of the 4th year of the program (i.e. after the first year at Polytechnic). Upon successful completion of the balance of the 36 graduate credits required by Polytechnic, usually after two years of graduate study, students are awarded the M.S. degree in Computer Science by Polytechnic University. Students are thus able to complete the B.A. and M.S. degrees in Computer Science in five years. Because of the accelerated nature of the program, transfer students are not usually eligible. Manhattanville aid and campus residence are not available once students have gone on to the graduate portion of the program.

To be eligible for completion of this program, students must:

-Elect an undergraduate major in Computer Science

-Complete an average of 18 credits per semester, or enroll in additional summer courses, to make it possible to achieve 105 credits by the end of the Junior year

-Arrange to register for the Senior Evaluation in Computer Science in the 2nd semester of the Junior year

-Declare their intention of pursuing the program by submitting the special Joint Programs form with appropriate signatures as part of their First Portfolio Review (2nd semester of the Sophomore year); and submit the Final Portfolio by the Spring of the Junior year. (The Final Portfolio is due one semester earlier than other students because students on the program leave campus after the Junior year.)

-Maintain an overall undergraduate GPA of at least 3.2, with a minimum average of 3.4 in Computer Science major courses (including required Math courses).

-Work carefully with an advisor to make sure they take 90 liberal arts credits within their three years at Manhattanville. (90 liberal arts credits are a State requirement for the BA degree. Courses taken at Polytechnic for the MS degree in Computer Science do not qualify as liberal arts.)

-Complete all course requirements for the major, minor, distribution, writing, library skills and the portfolio while at Manhattanville—i.e. by the end of the Junior year. (The additional 15 credits from Polytechnic will be non-liberal arts general education electives.)

-Complete an approved computer science internship during the Junior year or the summer following it.

-Submit an application for the MS in Computer Science at Polytechnic by February 1 of their Junior year.

Applications are available from the Manhattanville Provost's office, as well as on-line at:, but must be submitted, with all required materials, to the Manhattanville Provost's Office, not directly to Polytechnic. N.b. The GREs, as well as the application fees, are waived for Manhattanville applicants to the Polytechnic graduate program in Computer Science. .

Students interested in this program should notify Dr. Norman Bashias (914-323- 5324) no later than the first semester of their Sophomore year.