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Boston University, Goldman School of Dental Medicine: D.M.D.

Manhattanville College: B.A.
Boston University, Goldman School of Dental Medicine: D.M.D.

This program usually requires seven years: three at Manhattanville and four at Boston University's Goldman School of Dental Medicine. Approved students leave Manhattanville after completing their 3rd year and a total of at least 108 credits and start taking graduate courses at the Goldman School of Dental Medicine. To achieve 108 credits after 3 years at Manhattanville, students will have to take overloads and/or summer credits. Up to 12 of the graduate credits taken during the first year at the Goldman School can apply to both degrees, and are transferred back to Manhattanville to complete the minimum of 120 credits required for the B.A. Students are usually eligible for the Manhattanville B.A. after the completion of the first year at the Goldman School of Dental Medicine. The D.M.D degree is conferred following successful completion of four years of study at the Goldman School. Because of the accelerated nature of the program, transfer students are not usually eligible. Manhattanville aid and campus residence are not available once students have gone on to the graduate portion of the program.

In order to complete this program successfully, students must:

(1) Inform the Pre-Health Advisor, Dr. Darlene Gandolfi, and a member of the Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee (PHPAC) of their interest in pursuing the program by the first semester of their Freshman year by completing the "Statement of Intent to Pursue a Partnership Program" form.

(2) Indicate intention to apply by notifying the PHPAC in writing by the beginning of Sophomore year.

(3) Officially declare their pursuit of the program by completing the special "Declaration of Intent to Pursue Partnership Program" with the Pre-Health Advisor.

(4) Complete the Boston University, Goldman School of Dental Medicine application (available online) and submit it to the Manhattanville PHPAC by September 1 of the Junior year.  The Pre-Health Programs Advisor will present the application to the PHPAC.  The PHPAC completes its letter of recommendation for candidates with the appropriate credentials by October 15, after which the Pre-Health Advisor forwards these materials to the Goldman School. Interviews are conducted with the Goldman School after October 15, and students are notified by December 1.

(5) Maintain a 3.4 or better GPA

(6) Take and achieve a minimum of B or better in the following courses at Manhattanville [At least two of the first four sequences marked with * must be completed in the Freshman year]:

  • BIO 1001 & 1002 Principles of Biology I & II
  • CHM 1001 & 1002 Principles of Chemistry I & II with CHM 1003 & 1004 Principles of Chemistry Laboratory I & II
  • MATH 1030 & 1032 Calculus I & II (A statistics course may fulfill the second Mathematics requirement)
  • PHY 1001 & 1002 College (or PHY 1003 & 1004 University) Physics I & II
  • An upper-level Biology elective (2000 or 3000 level)
  • CHM 2001 & 2002 Organic Chemistry I & II with CHM 2005 & 2006 Organic Chemistry Laboratory I & II
  • An English Literature course at the 2000 or 3000 level

No more than 25 credits of non-liberal arts coursework may be taken at Manhattanville College.

The Goldman School admissions committee strongly recommends that the applicant's curriculum include courses in psychology, humanities, sociology or anthropology, and economics. 

(7) Submit the Portfolio for Final Review by the second semester of the Junior year (i.e., one semester early). Students must complete all portfolio and graduation requirements EXCEPT credits, before the end of the Junior year.

(8) Take the Dental Admission Test (DAT) and achieve a score of at least 16 (scale of 1-19). The DAT should be taken during the Spring semester of the Sophomore year or, at the latest, during the summer between Sophomore and Junior years.

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