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World Religions

To understand the world, one must understand religion, and understanding religion demands a worldwide perspective.  The Department of World Religions offers students the opportunity to study religion as a factor that shapes human culture, history, politics, and economics.  Because religions deal with the most basic questions regarding life, love and death, courses in World Religions may also provide students with insights into their own personalities, and open ways of communication between people from different traditions.

Students who complete a major or minor in World Religions enter careers in medicine, law, business, social work, education, and all other professions.  Some also go on to become clergy, teach religion or serve in social agencies run by religious organizations.

The department welcomes non-majors into its courses at every level.  Many students find that a course in World Religions provides new perspectives on subjects they have explored elsewhere, or that a second major or a minor in World Religions complements their original major.