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Minor Requirements

A minor in Women's Studies requires WST 1040: Women and Society: An Introduction to Women's Studies and a minimum of four other courses cross-listed with Women's Studies (WST).

Course Description for WST 1040
This course is designed to introduce students to Women's Studies, the academic study of women from a feminist, interdisciplinary perspective. The course will explore a number of issues central to women's lives. The readings and class discussions will focus on issues of power among women of different races, classes, ethnicities, nationalities, and sexual orientations. It will also consider larger processes of social change and women's activism. At every stage we will also consider our own assumptions, those of the authors and writers we read, the limits and explanatory power of the perspectives and the relationship between theory and praxis. Throughout the course we will also see how individuals are not passive victims of oppression but resist and negotiate change in various ways. We will incorporate this scholarly-activist approach by engaging with our local community to raise awareness about issues that affect women on a daily basis.