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Paul Anthony Kazmierczak '99

Paul Anthony Kazmierczak

1) Describe your career. Where do you work? What is your position? What are your roles and responsibilities?

I am currently the Senior Coordinating Producer for the ACC Digital Network located in Charlotte, NC. The ACC Digital Network (ACCDN) is a joint venture between Silver Chalice, a fast-growing digital sports and entertainment firm, and Raycom Sports, a long-time television producer and partner of the Atlantic Coast Conference. In my current role I oversee the day-to-day production and creative direction of original content for both live and video-on-demand programming. Before joining the ACC Digital Network in the fall of 2011, I worked at ESPN (Bristol, CT) and ESPNU (Charlotte, NC) for over 11 years.

2) How did your time at Manhattanville College prepare you for your career? How so? Please include any classes, internships and extracurricular activities you had that helped and why.

I couldn't believe it when I was recently informed that Manhattanville was now offering a Sports Studies major. During the time I attended Manhattanville (1995-99), Sports Studies was not offered, so I majored in History and minored in Asian Studies. Why history? I have always had a strong interest and passion to learn about past events and how they have shaped the world as we know it today. So after graduating, I did some networking and was able to obtain interviews with NBC and ESPN. I began my career in the Page Program at NBC and four months later ESPN offered me a position as a Production Assistant. Although I did not end up with a career in my major, the classes and extracurricular activities at Manhattanville (I played baseball for 3 years) did provide me with the tools to succeed in the sports media industry.

3) What was your favorite class at Manhattanville and why?

This question is easy... American Sports History. This combined my passion for history with my passion for sports. From speculation that the sport of Baseball was derived from a British game called "Rounders" to how one rule in 1906, the forward pass, changed American Football as we know it... everything I learned from this class I took with me into my current career. The required literature for American Sports History included novels from some of the best sports writers in the business. I enjoyed the class so much that I kept my textbooks after the semester and didn't return them for a refund.

4) What is the faculty like at Manhattanville?

In two words, top notch. One of the reasons I chose Manhattanville was the low faculty-to-student ratio. Just about every faculty member has a strong passion for their subject and really knows how to engage the students. Professor Lawson Bowling, the Sports Studies Director, has a passion and knowledge of Sports unlike anyone I have ever met.

5) What advice would you give students looking to major in sports studies at Manhattanville College?

Deciding on a major is a tough decision because ideally that will be the field you pursue upon graduation. Choosing to major in sports studies will provide any Manhattanville student with the essentials to obtain a position within the sports industry. If you think you know a particular field within sports studies that you want to focus on, (coaching, sports psychology, communications, etc.) take advantage of all that it has to offer. Internships can also provide you with "hands on" experience. After graduation comes the process of marketing / selling yourself to potential employers. Having a sport studies major on your resume from Manhattanville can go a long way, especially if you take advantage of all that it has to offer.