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Sport Studies

Students in the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Sport Studies study the broad and varied aspects of the world of sport to prepare for careers in sport-related fields. The major and minor are both Liberal Arts and interdisciplinary. The coursework exposes students to a wide range of approaches to the study of sport, including the history, sociology, physiology, and psychology of sport. Thus, graduates will have an understanding of the influence of sport on the mind and body of the individual as well as the relationship between sport and society at large. In addition, students will have the opportunity to gain experience with sport management and physical education topics. Internships in sport settings are available to students, which can be used for academic credit toward the degree and provide real-world experience in the field of sport.

The B.A. in Sport Studies is appropriate for students with a variety of career and graduate school interests including, but not limited to, Sport Business and Management, Physical Education, Sport Psychology, Nutrition Science, Physical Therapy, and Coaching. Students have the opportunity to take graduate courses in Manhattanville College’s Master’s in Sport Business Management program (with faculty approval). Undergraduate students can also take three science prerequisite courses that can be used to enter the MAT at Manhattanville College in Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy program upon completion of the B.A (see requirements for application).

All Manhattanville College students are required to declare an academic minor, which can help Sport Studies graduates tailor their education to their specific career aspirations. Minors of particular interest to our students may be Economics, Finance & Management; Communications; Psychology; and Biology.