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Student Learning Outcomes


Spanish/Latin American Studies Program: Student Learning Outcomes

The Department of Spanish and Latin American Studies Program at Manhattanville College believes that well-prepared Spanish students should be able not only to speak, read, write and understand the Spanish language at an advanced level of proficiency according to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Guidelines, but also to acquire a better knowledge and understanding of the Spanish and Latin American culture and literature; (so that they could appreciate and interpret all the manifestations of the said Spanish and Latin American culture and literature).

Specific Learning Outcomes:

Students, who major in Spanish, should be able to


Listen, read, speak and write on a variety of topics in several situations and contexts at a level equivalent to the advanced level in the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines.


1. Recall the geography, the history, and the contemporary social structures of the Spanish and Latin American Cultures, and recognize their values and traditions.

2. Demonstrate knowledge of traditions and institutions of the Spanish and Latin American culture, such us music, sports, food, religion, marriage, society, etc.

3. Demonstrate knowledge of "popular culture", such as shopping, travel, lodging, etc.

4. Discuss artistic expressions of the Spanish and Latin American culture, such as paintings, architecture, sculptures, literature and music.


1. Understand several literary terms and concepts and be able to use them in explaining and interpreting literary texts.

2. Demonstrate familiarity with a diverse range of literary genres (novel, poetry, and theater), trends, schools, and groups.

3. Analyze literary texts using the text as the political, historical, philosophical, psychological and aesthetic context in which it was produced.

4. Demonstrate the ability to discuss the ideas of the texts.

5. Exhibit an understanding of the most relevant characteristics or approaches of literary criticism.

6. Write and speak in a scholarly fashion.