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Spanish and Latin American Studies


In view of the widespread use of Spanish in the United States and around the world, and considering the increasing economic and cultural relations between Spain, Latin America and the USA, Manhattanville offers a wide range of courses that introduce students to the language, culture, and literature of Spanish-speaking countries.  The College allows students to develop programs according to their needs and goals, including language for general purposes, a concentration in literature, and teaching Spanish as a second language.  Teacher certification is also available.  A semester aborad in Spain or Latin America is also reccomended. 

Latin American Studies

Latin America, a region of numerous nations where indigenous, European, and African cultures interact, offers broad opportunities for interdisciplinary study.  The Latin American Studies minor is interdisciplinary and designed to integrate a series of courses from a variety of academic departments in an effort to acquaint students with the Latin American region, its history, politics, economics, and literature as well as its social and cultural background.  The program offers a framework in which to explore contemporary developments and social issues impacting the larger Latin American community.  In addition, the Latin American Studies Program hosts symposia, concerts, cinema and art exhibitions as well as lectures by distinguished experts on the Latin American region.  A semester abroad in Latin America is recommended.