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Major Requirements

Ten courses in the department must be completed satisfactorily for a major in sociology.  The following four are required:

  • SOC 1001: Introduction to Sociology;
  • SOC 2091: Social Science Research;
  • SOC 3003: Classical Social Theory;
  • SOC 3091: Advanced Research Seminar

The requirement of 10 courses should be considered the minimum; students majoring in the department may wish to include additional sociology and anthropology courses in their programs.  Courses in anthropology count as electives in sociology and students may focus on anthropology while completing the major requirements in sociology.  Students planning to do graduate work in sociology should develop a reading knowledge of a foreign language. 

All 10 courses required for the major must receive letter grade evaluations of at least C, or its equivalent; additional electives in sociology and anthropology may be taken on a pass/fail basis. 
Required Course Sequence
Sociology majors should take Social Science Research (SOC 2091) in the spring semester of the Junior year.  It is a prerequisite for the Advanced Research Seminar (SOC 3091), which must be taken in the fall semester of the Senior year.  It is recommended but not required that majors take Classical Social Theory (SOC 3003) in the Spring semester in the Junior year. 

Minor Requirements

A minor in sociology is satisfied through the  successful completion (letter grade evaluations of at least C, or its equivalent) of SOC 1001: Introduction to Sociology and four additional courses in sociology, one of which must be taken at the 3000 level.  These requirements are flexible, but in all cases students should consult with the sociology faculty to insure that course selections are comparable with their interests.