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Sociology/Anthropology Advanced Research Projects

Congratulations to our 2012-2013 Seniors for completing their Advanced Research Project!

Prof. Berg, Cherry, Harris, Murray, Slater and Williford

Aarushi Bhandari The Impact of Neoliberalism on Increased Food Insecurity for Developing Countries: A Case Study of Nepal
Raquel Brown Who Really has MY best interest at heart? Fostercare: An Historical Overview and Analysis on the Defects within the System Effecting Children’s Futures
Julia Callo Teens, Babies and Television – How Media Influence has an Effect in Teen Pregnancy
Stephanie Cassano Drugs, Deviance and Society
Jennifer Colon Inequality in the New York City Public Education System
Victoria Coperine Women’s Growth Toward Equality in The United States: The Progress and Challenges Toward the Goal of Gender Equality in the Private and Public Spheres
Tina Dang Globalization of Beauty and the Western Ideology: Unrealistic Standards
Annesha Edwards-Carter The Plight of the Black Woman: But Who Speaks for Me?
Justin Figueroa The Lack of Rehabilitation in Prison
Carolyn Isles Rumspringa, Quinceañeras, and Bar and Bat Mitzvahs: A Comparison of Three Initiation Rites
Moshee Kelyana The Rise of Interracial Marriages in the US
Chloe Kemper Love and Marriage: The Decline of Culturally Predetermined Marriages and the Rise of Romantic Love
Chelsea Linehan Irish and Greek Mythology: A Comparison of Major Mythological Figures and Their Cultural Values
Nicholas McGuire Social norms and Stereotypes: The Comedic Arsenal
Megan Millan Transracial Adoption in a Post-Apartheid South Africa: Struggles and Successes Analyzed Through a Case Study of Ray of Hope Imisebe Yelanga Babies Home
Suleima Nivar What Are Disney Films Teaching Children and Adolescents According to Their Gender?
Trevor Parmeshwari Masculinity in Television Shows and How They Changed the Way We Look at Men
Morgan Rebollal A Research on the Development of Women in Sports and Media From the Early 1920’s to the Present and the Way in Which it Shapes Societies Views and Beliefs Today
Erika Richardson America’s Perception of Its Prison System
Alina Ruocco Changing Gender Roles: Women in the Military
Erin Sidjak The Risks and Rewards of Being an Athlete
Ashley Steinberg The Death Penalty
Vanessa Soto Race and Ethnicity: The Detrimental Effects of Categorization on Minority Groups in the US