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Sociology/Anthropology Senior Theses

Congratulations to our Seniors for completing their Advanced Research Project!

Sociology and Anthropology Seniors
Professors Slater, Berg, and Harris

The papers covered a variety of topics as you can see from the following titles:

  • "One Story, Many Women: An Auto-Ethnography of My Journey of Hawaiian Womanhood and Self Love" by Makanalani Gomes
  • "Tattoos: Transition to Mainstream Acceptance" by Tricia Boffi
  • "The Roles of Culture in Development: Lessons for Effective Development Practices in Sub-Saharan Africa" by Mhlalisi Ncube
  • "Ideology of the Nuclear Family: A Deconstruction of an Ever Growing Variation; Grandparents as Primary Caregivers" by Kristina Ciotto
  • "Barriers to Healthcare Access in Rural Nepal" by Bhinnata Piya
  • "Student Activist Movements as Catalysts for Social Change: A Study of the Unruly at Manhattanville College" by Michael Capozzi
  • "Female Genital Mutilation" by Ibrahima Kasse
  • "The Rise of Competition in Youth Sports" by Dominique Antonucci
  • "Film Exploitation of Black Women" by Jasmine Bivens
  • "Forgiveness as a Form of Social, Economic, and Political Progression in South Africa" by Maggie Black
  • "Animal and Human Divide" by Elizabeth Cooper
  • "The Experience of a Playwright" by Jim Browne
  • "The Inequalities of the Education System Based on Poverty Level" by Michelle Bartosch
  • "Modern-day Recycling: Challenges on the College Campus" by Trevor Eckart
  • "The Oppression of Women by the Catholic Church" by Katherine Steer
  • "Marxism, Globalization, and Women: An Analysis and Critique of Marxist Theory Applied to Globalization and the New Female Proletariat" by Louis Rodriguez
  • "Musical Shift from Reggae to Dancehall in Jamaica: From Independence to Present" by Christine Hugh
  • "Women in Sport: Through the Context of the Media" by Ashley Dell
  • "Weberian Social Class and its Effects on Urban and Suburban Public Education in the North East" by Kelly Friedlander
  • "Changes in Expressing Presentation of Self" by Nicole Bruno
  • "Transition Rituals as a Way of Revealing and Preserving Cultural Values" by Arame Mbodj
  • "Products of the City: Shaped by the Climate and Taste of New York" by Katie Riley
  • "Violence in Videogames and Their Effect on Society" by Jillian Mejias
  • "The History and Culture of Deafness in North America and the Threats to Its Future" by Ameera Nagle